xQc criticizes 39daph for leaking Pokimane DMs in “confusing” drama

Calum Patterson
Twitch: xQc / Pokimane

Top Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has reacted to the ongoing drama between fellow streamers 39daph and Pokimane, critical of both daph and the community’s reaction.

On Sunday, November 17, 39daph revealed that Pokimane had privately messaged her, inquiring as to why she had unfollowed her on Twitter. Daph explained that she simply “doesn’t watch [Pokimane’s] stuff”.

This reveal from daph sparked a drama on social media, which eventually reached xQc, who – at the request of his viewers – weighed in on the situation.

After watching 39daph’s initial clip, Lengyel said he was “confused” and was particularly critical of her decision to expose private messages shared between the two streamers.

YouTube: PokimanePokimane has faced backlash over the drama.

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“I like to hate on everyone, just as much as the next person”, xQc explains, “but, since when is leaking DMs ok? Is it ok depending on who it is? I don’t get it.”

He continues, questioning daph’s decision: “Why leak DMs? That’s just kind of f**ked up. I have this golden rule: you just don’t leak DMs. You just don’t do that.”

xQc concludes that Pokimane’s message would have been “formatted” differently if it was intended to be seen by the public, rather than just one individual.

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After watching further clips surrounding the drama, most of which had gained traction on the popular LiveStream Fails subreddit, xQc was also critical of the community’s response.

“I’m so confused with LiveStream Fails!” he exclaimed. “One person, unfollows Pokimane, and Poki’s wrong. Poki unfollows him, and she’s wrong. What the f**k?! She’s wrong in every case then?”

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xQc and Pokimane’s channels are both of similar levels of popularity on the platform, and so he went on to attempt to rationalize her response to the situation.

“When you’re in drama, when you’re under fire, sometimes you’re insecure about what you do,” xQc began, “Every streamer has [their] highs and downs, and Pokimane has been under fire ever since her subtweet or whatever – yeah, it was deserved.

“But, my take, is she was probably insecure about everything, and somebody who she maybe saw as a peer, and she just asked, just to know, ‘is my sh*t trash now? Can I fix it? I lost confidence, I want to know the problem so I can fix it.’ I think that’s fine.”

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Pokimane discussed the confrontation on stream, showing the DMs and confirming that what 39daph had claimed was said was accurate.

The pair will likely be hoping that the drama has now concluded and both streamers and the community can move on.

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