39daph reveals details about dramatic confrontation with Pokimane

Bill Cooney
Twitter: Pokimane / 39daph

Art streamer 39daph shared details on what she claims was a recent confrontation with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, which turned out to all be over a Twitter follow.

39daph has been continually growing in popularity on Twitch in recent months, in part due to her lack of fear when it comes to confrontation.

During a stream on November 17, 39daph said Pokimane had messaged her after she unfollowed the popular streamer on Twitter.

“I literally had her on mute, so then I was like ‘OK I’m just gonna unfollow,” 39daph said during her stream. “And then she asked me, and I was like ‘I don’t watch your stuff’, and she was like ‘oh, it’s about SlikeR?’ I’m like ‘No, I don’t watch your stuff.”

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“She kept sending me the blushing smile emoji (?) and I was like, ‘this is weird as f**k.” the streamer continued. “Because I don’t think you’re making that same expression in real life, I think you are seething.”

Pokimane hasn’t publically responded to the accusations at the time of writing, but 39daph said she thought it was ridiculous that she was this upset about an unfollowing.

“It’s crazy that she has her head so far up her own ass that she thinks I unfollowed her because she unfollowed SlikeR,” 39daph continued. “Which SlikeR talked about on his stream, but in reality, I unfollowed her months ago because I don’t watch her stuff.”

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New arch enemies, or just a misunderstanding?

For her part, 39daph didn’t leave the possibility of patching things up with pokimane over the Twitter drama off the table and explained she thought the two could actually be friends.

“Do I care if she’s mad? Not really, to be honest, I could see us being friends,” she said after discussing the confrontation. ”

Both streamers have a sizeable Twitch following, and Pokimane still has to respond to 39daph’s claims, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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