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PewDiePie reveals what he would have done if his YouTube channel failed

Published: 17/Nov/2019 2:05

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg opened up to his audience during his November 15 upload, and revealed what his plans were if his YouTube channel had not succeeded, while also taking shot at ‘Zoomers’ for depending too much on their parents. 

PewDiePie is the undisputed king of YouTube with over 102 million subscribers and rising. However, the online personality came from humble roots in Sweden, where he initially was attending university to study Economics, before pursuing a career in entertainment.

The Swede has been open with fans before about his past, detailing in previous interviews how he was worked at a hot-dog stand to pay for his bills when initially starting his YouTube channel. The YouTuber even revealed that he once applied to work for Minecraft dev Mojang.

However, during his latest video, Felix revealed what he would have ended up doing had his YouTube career not panned out, while critiquing ‘Generation-Z’s’ “entitled” behavior, and expecting their parents to bail them out.

tsuki.marketThe Swede is the largest YouTuber in the world, with over 102 million subscribers.

PewDiePie’s YouTube backup plan

The popular personality told his audience that before he started his YouTube career, he realized he no longer wanted to continue his education at university  “When I didn’t want to go study the thing I was studying at school, I had a good degree, I had a good future,” he said. “But I didn’t like it. It wasn’t for me.”

The Swede then explained that in order to do that, he had to take responsibility for his decision. “I got a job and I did both,” he said. “And if YouTube wouldn’t have worked out after a year, I think I said I was going to take a year, I would have just one back to school.”

He then took his aim at Zoomers, who he argues depend too much on their parents. “But these kids are depending on their parents. And for some reason the parents are paying for it!” he exclaimed.

The YouTube king then continued his rant, criticizing the generation below him, and said, “Then they become entitled by the whole thing. It’s embarrassing to watch!” before explaining why them obsessing over wanting to be famous is “useless.”

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PewDiePie continues to have one of the best years of his life, reaching his 100 million subscriber milestone on August 14, marrying his best friend Marzia ‘CutiePie’ Bisognin only a fews day later on the 19th, and moving to Japan in October.

The popular YouTube star made his return to gaming in June, when he launched his wildly popular Minecraft series, and continues to put out successful reaction videos.

Fans are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief that the YouTube king decided not to give up on his video-creating career, otherwise they wouldn’t have the Pewds they know and love today.


Addison Rae & Bryce Hall spark engagement rumors after cryptic ring post

Published: 15/Jan/2021 18:43

by Alice Hearing


TikTok’s hottest couple, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, have sparked rumors that they might be getting engaged after Addison flexed a flashy ring on Instagram.

Bryce and Addison — affectionately referred to as ‘Braddison’ by shippers — are two of TikTok’s most popular content creators, who were long rumored to be secretly dating despite their repeated denial to the contrary.

However, on November 30, the two finally confirmed that they are officially dating, and have been together for nearly two months (although they did break up earlier this year after just three days together).

Since their surprise announcement, they haven’t held back with their lovey-dovey social media posts about each other, complete with cuddly, PDA-filled TikToks. And of course, while both creators are still so young, fans of the couple are eager for more content – especially if they decide to tie the knot in the future.

Bryce Hall Addison Rae relationship
Instagram: Bryce Hall
Bryce & Addison confirmed they were dating in November

On Thursday, January 14, Addison was spotted by paparazzi leaving XIV Karats LTD jewelry store in Beverly Hills – and  later on, posted a picture of a new sparkly ring on her ring finger to her Instagram story, leaving fans in a frenzy over what it might mean.

Addison Rae engaged
Instagram: Addison Rae
Addison posted an image of the ring on her Instagram story

Typically, an engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and with the way the picture was taken, it does look like it’s on her left hand.

However, while it has prompted speculation that the pair are or could potentially be getting engaged, discussion on drama Instagram account TikTokroom heavily suggests that the pair are getting each other promise rings, instead.

This is something that several famous TikTok couples have done to show their commitment to each other, including Cynthia Parker and Quinton Griggs, as well as Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon, so it wouldn’t be so surprising if this is the case.

Either way, Bryce and Addison are clearly about as lovey-dovey as they could possibly be at this point, and engagement ring or not, the pair look like they’re in it for the long-haul.