xQc claims Ludwig can’t do gambling streams because he “sold out” to YouTube

Twitch: xQc/YouTube: Ludwig

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has claimed that the real reason that his fellow streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren won’t include sponsored gambling in his content is that YouTube is strict about any such ads on the platform.

xQc sent sparks across the streaming community after he announced he would be using sponsored gambling ads once again during his streams. The news came a year after he quit the practice for good and apologized for “hardcore exposing” gambling to his viewers.

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The move sparked a fiery dispute online as various streamers have shared their take on the change and the potential damage it could have on influential fans.

YouTuber Ludwig added his voice to the debate claiming that he wouldn’t be including any gambling in his content due to his previous addiction. However, xQc believes there could be another reason.

xQc Twitch streamingTwitch: xQc
xQc joined the number of other streamers who are enjoying huge success with gambling in their streams. Yet, they’ve also come under fire from their fellows for the practice.

xQc explains why Ludwig can’t include gambling ads

On May 19, xQc claimed that the reason Ludwig wouldn’t be including gambling ads in his content would be because he “sold out” to YouTube, which has a strict rule on the type of ads that can be circulated on the platform.

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It comes after Ludwig stated that he wouldn’t be ‘selling out’ to online gambling sponsors for ‘morality’ reasons as well as his fear of the backlash he might receive from his fans and fellow streamers.

“Guys, I did some mental investigation about this, okay,” xQc claimed. “Ludwig says he doesn’t have a price. Then it hit me. It’s because Ludwig is on YouTube and YouTube doesn’t allow any [gambling], and Ludwig signed and sold out to YouTube.”

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Back in June 2021, YouTube implemented a set of new policies with regards to its masthead ad content. The updated rules prohibited any ads promoting gambling, alcohol, political content, or prescription drugs from featuring on the website’s home page.

Responding to Ludwig’s comments during his stream, xQc added: “[Ludwig] literally contractually cannot in any way shape or form do it. Now, I got it. Now, it just kind of clicked.”

Ludwig hasn’t openly responded to xQc’s comments, as of writing. However, with the long list of streamers speaking out against the use of sponsored gambling ads continues to grow, this dispute isn’t going away any time soon.

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