xQc claims $119 million has been wagered using his gambling code: “It’s not crazy”

xQc looking at camera side-by-side with slot machineTwitch: xQc/Unsplash

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claimed that “$119 million” has been wagered through his new gambling partnership link, but explained that most of that is made up of bonuses from new players. 

Gambling streams on Twitch have been a pretty controversial topic over the years, seeing as many streamers are advertising gambling to a young, influential audience.

Despite how lucrative they are, many streamers have sworn off taking gambling partnerships – with some even calling on Twitch to ban them outright. In the case of xQc, he’s had gambling partnerships before, and even caught plenty of flak from his fans about playing slots and casino games for hours on end.

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While the Canadian stated that he’d be quitting gambling streams back in June 2021, noting that he felt bad about how many people had signed up through his link, he’s since taken on another partnership that hasn’t impressed some viewers. Though, it seems as if it has paid off for the website he’s working with.

Twitch gambling contentPixabay
Gambling streams, as lucrative as they are, have always been a controversial subject.

During his May 19 stream, the former Overwatch star was urged to check the stats on his account, including how much people had wagered through using his unique code.

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“Total wagered? Oh, it’s not that bad. $119 million, it’s not f**king crazy crazy. It’s not crazy crazy,” xQc said, smiling as his chat couldn’t tell if he was being totally serious or not.

“That’s rookie numbers… compared to some of these nutjobs, yeah,” he continued, addressing some of the comments from his viewers about how the deposit bonuses on the site works. “Guys, that’s wagered. It means putting it in, but it always comes back somehow,” xQc added. Though, not many fans were buying his explanation.

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Seeing as xQc didn’t show the stats on-screen, some suggested that he was simply exaggerating and playing up the figures despite his multiple explanations about it.

As we’ve seen previously, some of these partnerships can last quite a while, but if the backlash continues, who knows if xQc will keep on with the gambling.

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