xQc says Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record is “shameless” and shouldn’t count

xqc forsen minecraftxQc / Forsen Twitch

Forsen responded to xQc’s Minecraft speedrun with a time that clocked in 28 seconds after than the French Canadian’s. But it’s how the “shameless” record came about that has xQc calling foul.

For the esports fans, remember, these two streamers were at one time the players to beat in their respective fields. The spirit of competition displayed between is now largely revolving around downing Minecraft’s Ender Dragon.

This time Forsen got the better of xQc. And while the former Overwatch pro concedes that the Swede has a solid record for a non-deathless run, he’s not entirely ready to give up the mantle in this fight.

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“This piece of shit strat,” xQc started, mere moments after Forsen landed the killing blow on the endgame boss. “Guys listen, this stupid, fucking Crying Obsidian strat–”

XQc described the strat as ‘training wheel Andy,’ and isn’t impressed with Forsen taking a death in the midst of his path to a 27:42 run.

“Nobody tell him, chat,” xQc retorted to Forsen’s on-screen celebrations of beating the previous mark of 28:10. “He beat me in the non-deathless category. Motherfucker died. Guys guys, nope. Doesn’t count. He died.”

But the 25-year-old streamer went a bit further, calling Forsen’s attempt “shameless” for how he went about securing the new mark.

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“That is shameless. It is shameful that he died on purpose. That is ‘weirdChampionship,’” xQc said. So while a quicker time was recorded, xQc isn’t ready to relinquish any kind of title to Forsen. But he’s still willing to beat the record.

While Forsen was celebrating, xQc confidently said he would beat the new run within the week, keeping the saga between the two alive for now.

The retired Starcraft-turned-Hearthstone pro’s run had xQc on the edge of his seat. There were times when xQc looked a little tense leading up to Forsen finding the stronghold and the ensuing search for the portal.

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Though the ending was a little lackluster, he’s already thinking about raining down on Forsen’s parade with a new record attempt that should be on the way soon.