xQc blasts “unreasonable” Twitter haters over their insanely high standards

Joe Craven
xQc Twitter Twitch StreamerTwitch: xQc

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has slammed “unreasonable” Twitter users, claiming that they live in a non-existent realm and hold ridiculously high standards. 

Despite his incredible popularity on Twitch, xQc knows a thing or two about being called out by anonymous internet users. He doesn’t take it lightly, however, calling out hate for his Twitch gameshow winners and he’s even slammed his own Twitch chat for their comments about his gaming.

More recently, he has been vocal in his support for streamer and political commentator Hasan Piker, who has faced the wrath of Twitter following his acquisition of a $2.74 million house in LA.

Hasan bannedTwitch: HasanAbi
Some Twitter users have suggested that Hasan’s left wing politics have been undermined by his expensive house.

After stating that Hasan ‘cannot win’ in his situation, the former Overwatch pro turned his attention to Twitter more broadly and slammed the site for its unrealistic expectations of people.

“I think Twitter is really odd,” Lengyel said. “I think they’re very unreasonable. Everybody thinks they’re like upstanding number one citizen, like perfect individuals that never make mistakes, that are always flawless and everything else is all trash. They act like being human is not a real thing and you have to be rational and perfect.”

“I think it’s really odd,” he continued, “and [it] literally never changes. I think it’s just disgusting. They’re what we call ‘utopia-Andys’. They live in a realm or a life that isn’t real. They live in a world that doesn’t exist. They live in a projected perfect world and it’s very odd.”

Many of xQc’s viewers echoed his comments, suggesting that Twitter users hold certain people to unrealistically high standards.

It’s hard to think Lengyel’s comments are not in some way linked to Hasan’s ongoing situation. Other streamers, like shroud, have joined the chorus of support for their fellow creator.