xQc claims “there’s no winning” for Twitch big-earners after Hasan house fallout

xQc Hasan Twitch Outrage HouseTwitch: xQc / Hasan

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed Twitch fans telling Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker to donate more to charity amid backlash for a $2.74m house, claiming they’re just complaining for the sake of it and he “cannot win.”

Twitch fans found themselves at odds after Hasan bought a $2.74m mansion in West Hollywood.

Some felt it was hypocritical given his socialist views, while others argued there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a successful career.

Other streamers, including Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, defended him, claiming the outrage is “ridiculous” and “makes no sense.”

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But that hasn’t stopped outraged viewers from asking him to donate more money to charity as a means of ‘redeeming himself.’

Hasan hits back at Twitch outrage over him buying $2.74m Hollywood homeInstagram: Hasan / Rodeo Realty
Hasan’s new house became a huge talking point among Twitch fans.

However, xQc slammed them for making such demands.

He explained why it wouldn’t work and how people will come after him for other things instead, claiming “there’s no winning” in the situation, even if he did donate more.

“If Hasan donated ten percent of donations… imagine if ten percent went to charity, and he actually donated to charity, people would just say things like donating and making it public on Twitter [is] just virtue signaling,” he said.

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“People want to complain to complain. Anytime somebody donates, [they say things like] this charity scammed the public in 1946, this charity donates eight percent and hurts the animals or the CEO of this charity has an eight-million dollar house.”

He also claimed that people often accuse streamers of donating to charity as a public relations ploy to make themselves look better, and they’d do the same in this scenario.

“There’s no winning. There is no winning these days. You cannot win.”

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xQc’s comments sparked yet another heated debate about the situation on social media.

Most people agreed with him. However, a small portion of people accused him of being another rich guy defending his rich friend.

It seems like the conversation isn’t going to die down anytime soon. But people will eventually move on, just like they did when Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez drew backlash for something similar.

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