xQc blows up at his “a**hat” Twitch chat after failing historic GTA RP vault heist

Andrew Amos
xQc fails Lower Vault heist Asshat Twitch chatTwitch: xQc / Rockstar Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was just milliseconds away from completing another historic GTA RP heist, but stumbled at the final second. After the debacle though, he exploded at his Twitch chat and their “dogsh*t chat-hopping piece of sh*t mindset” to roleplay.

xQc is no stranger to trouble in GTA RP, but he’s also one of the more successful players when it comes down to it.

He was part of Sykkuno’s crew in the iconic Rainbow Road heist, pulling off three bank heists in one run in a historic moment for GTA RP. He took his criminal brilliance to roleplay’s next big thing, the Lower Vault.

No criminal has broken into it, and xQc was determined to be the first, even ahead of people who have been waiting for months to do so. However, after stumbling at the last hurdle ⁠— on the eighth and final puzzle ⁠— the streamer was visibly defeated.

“That’s it, I broke it. I’m sorry man,” he said after failing the final puzzle.

His Twitch chat, however, took this as the right time to mock xQc ⁠— as is normal. However, the streamer took it a bit more personally this time, as he tries to fix his reputation with the GTA RP community.

“You need to start chilling out dudes… holy f**k, this chat,” he said.

“This backseating chat is so f**king bad, it’s so terrible man. I’m not crying about it, it’s just like, every single thing that happens, every move or thought, even moves that are literally anti-meta, are met with a question mark.”

He asked his viewers to stop “chat-hopping” and feeding X information he doesn’t have yet. Not only does it ruin the game for xQc, but it also spoils the fun for everyone else in the server.

“I can’t use your stupid f**king dogsh*t chat-hopping piece of sh*t mindset to my advantage. I’m not cheating the f**king game you a**hat idiot f**k. How hard is that to understand?”

Not all hope is lost for xQc. He can try and pull off the Lower Vault heist again down the line.

However, that’s if he stays out of the eyes of moderators, who are no doubt looking at the biggest streamer on Twitch after his numerous GTA RP server bans.