xQc bans viewers and loses it with Twitch chat over Amouranth “stunt” allegations

xqc and amouranth in twitch streamsTwitch: xQc, Amouranth

Top Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel got incredibly frustrated with his chat and even gave one viewer a permanent ban from his stream, over their comments on the unfurling Amouranth situation.

In mid-October, Amouranth revealed during an emotional Twitch stream that she was married, but her husband had been routinely abusive towards her, threatening to kill her dog, throwing her money away, and telling her she can’t speak out about their marriage as it would “ruin the business model.”

A couple of days after this all came to light, Amouranth went live once again, saying that she’s “free,” with access to all of her social and financial accounts while her husband “seeks help.”

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Naturally, many of Amouranth’s peers came to her defense, including the likes of Valkyrae and LilyPichu among others, and during his viewing of her stream, xQc showed little patience for chatters in his stream criticizing her over what had happened.

“Are you guys f**king stupid or some sh*t?” he asked. “You’re so f**king dumb. Holy sh*t you sound so f**king stupid.”

He then read one comment in particular that wound him up to a different level, deciding that they should no longer be able to participate in his chat.

“‘It was a stunt lmao’,” he said, reading out the comment in chat. “I’m going to give you a f**king perma-ban, dude. You’re f**king annoying as sh*t. I can’t.”

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While the Amouranth situation is still not completely cleared up, and there is likely a lot of time left before it is, many streamers are still sharing their support of her and shutting down accusations that it could be fake or a “stunt.”

xQc had taken a brief break from streaming after TwitchCon, saying that he was “getting obliterated” by illness after returning from the event, but that evidently didn’t last too long.