xQc reveals he had to attend “Twitch streamer therapy” after second ban

xqc-twitch-streamer-therapyTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel revealed that he had to attend ‘streamer therapy’ after he got banned on Twitch for the second time in June 2020, claiming it was a part of the unbanning process.

On December 27, xQc took a look at the comments made by Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham, the Head of Twitch Community Productions, saying that streamers reacting to shows on stream is “absolutely not ok.”

However, instead of talking about the issue at hand, xQc said that djWHEAT is “pretty cool” and revealed that he had to attend ‘streamer therapy’ after his second ban – with djWHEAT acting as the ‘therapist.’

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xqc-cancel-cultureTwitch: xQc
xQc had a bit of a laugh about the fact he had to attend what he dubbed ‘streamer therapy.’

“Back in the day when I got banned, Twitch said that a part of me being unbanned… I had to get like a streamer therapy type of thing,” he said. “I had to agree to one session, or a couple of sessions, of streamer reform therapy. I’m not even kidding.”

xQc doesn’t remember what he got banned for. However, he said it might have been the time he was tricked into watching a video of two gorillas mating live on stream in June 2020. He was unbanned after a day.

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As for what happened during the ‘streamer therapy’ session, he explained: “It was like a thing where [the therapist asked questions] like: ‘Do you understand why you were banned?’ and ‘Why is that bad?’ It was like a discussion.”

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He also revealed that one session lasted an hour and a half. “It was like a streamer anonymous type of thing.”

According to StreamerBans, xQc has been banned from Twitch five times now. The first three incidents happened in 2020, the last of which was due to stream sniping at the GlitchCon 2020 Twitch Rivals event.

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The fourth ban was issued in July 2021 after watching several events from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on stream, although it only lasted several hours. The fifth and final one happened a month later, and nobody knows why.

It sounds like he only had to attend ‘streamer therapy’ after the second ban, perhaps due to the nature of it.

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