Sykkuno shocked by xQc’s Mario Kart skills: “How does he know these tricks?”


Twitch star xQc was streaming Mario Kart 8 on Christmas Day when he stunned fellow streamer Sykkuno after he pulled an impressive maneuver that won him the race.

xQc is known for putting in an incredible amount of hours streaming on Twitch, and even raked in the most amount of hours viewed on the platform for 2021.

The former Overwatch-pro celebrated Christmas by hosting a Mario Kart 8 tournament with a handful of other streamers, including the likes of Sykkuno, Fuslie, and ironmouse.

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During a race on Rainbow Road, he impressed Sykkuno after he pulled a few clutch moves to pull out a victory.

Twitch-Streamer-xQc@2000x1270 (1)xQc has over 9 million followers on Twitch.

xQc proves he’s the Mario Kart king

The Mario Kart 8 competition got quite heated during the race on the infamous Rainbow Road.

xQc and Sykkuno were duking it out for first place, when a blue shell was headed to take out xQc. He quickly drove right off the map, interrupting the shell’s explosion and allowing him to hop right back on the trail.

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Sykkuno was shocked that it worked and shouted, “He just drove off?!”

Later in the race, xQc utilized a short cut by driving directly off the lap which actually landed him much further than the rest of the drivers.

Again, Sykkuno couldn’t believe xQc’s insane ticks: “He just drove off! Wait, is that a skip?! I’ve never seen that.”

xQc finished the race by deflecting one final blue shell by using the Super Horn item, which blocks incoming projectiles.

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As xQc won the race, Sykkuno said: “Guys, he’s literally on a different planet. How does he know these tricks?! I’ve never seen that before.”

The streamer explained how he pulled out the victory, “There were three blue shells and none of them hit me. Zero. You go forward, you drive off in a very forward way so you gain distance and dodge the entire shell.”

Turns out that xQc was even impressed by his own ability to dodge all the blue shells, complimenting himself with an emphatic “yeah, it’s pretty crazy.”

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Whether it’s skill or sheer luck, we know we won’t be challenging the Canadian streamer to Mario Kart anytime soon.

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