xQc blasts QTCinderella as a “coward” amid Adept break-up drama

Sam Comrie
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Twitch streamer xQc has fired back at fellow content creator QTCinderella, following an exchange between xQc and his ex-partner Adeptthebest.

Since August 2021, Twitch streamers Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Adept have navigated a complex romantic relationship. With multiple break-up rumors appearing in the last few months, this ultimately came to a head as eagle-eyed viewers noticed fewer interactions on social media between the pair.

On September 16, xQc finally addressed the situation during a livestream, revealing that family ties had factored into his to decision to end his relationship with Adept. This escalated further, as the pair engaged in a heated argument during xQc’s September 16 stream.

Now, xQc has taken aim at streamer QTCinderella after the TeamSolomid content creator commented on the situation.

xQc addresses “despicable behavior” following QTCinderella tweets

On September 16 in a series of now-deleted tweets, xQc responded to QTCinderella’s tweets about his livestream with Adept. QTCinderella originally commented: “Holding your ex girlfriend hostage for content with an audience that loves to hate women… Responsible and nice.”

After catching wind of this comment, xQc fired back by saying “Where I’m from we don’t subtweet like cowards. Why did you invite me to your events two years in a row if you thought I was a woman hater?”

“Why platform me? How does it make any sense,” continued xQc.

The streamer claimed that QTCinderella is a “joke of a person” before expanding on the situation in a separate tweet: “Everyone can talk their garbage about what I do and how they feel about it. Everyone runs their mouth and they get support.”

“I clap back a singular time and everyone saying I’m ‘using’ my ‘platform’ to harass them. Bro I’m still human here. I got something to say too.”

On Twitch, the streamer said that “I wasn’t even talking about QT but I saw her tweet. Bro, I thought cruelest use of the platform was [gambling] but now’s it’s this. I guess I’m outdoing myself. I guess I do worse than the worst every week bro.”

“I don’t give no f**k bro. I don’t care bro. People act like they’re the judge of content…. Do your own thing. You don’t have to worry about sh*t pal,” the streamer added.

The streamer later apologized for his actions on social media, by saying that “personal attacks went a little too hard” though he didn’t name QTCinderella specifically.

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