xQc and other streamers furious after Twitch recommends explicit broadcast

Virginia Glaze

xQc and other Twitch streamers are hitting out at the platform for apparently placing an explicit broadcast in its recommended section.

On July 27, Twitch star xQc opened up the site’s homepage and was shocked at what he saw.

A clip taken from his broadcast shows the streamer covering his mouth with his hand before navigating to Twitch’s homepage, which recommended bodypainting streamer ‘Taylor Jevaux’ in the site’s ‘Channels we think you’ll like’ section.

Jevaux was shown almost completely unclothed, with some paint covering her chest. That’s not the most shocking part of the ordeal, though; the stream was also titled “18+, is this even allowed?” with water droplet emojis.

“Are you seeing this?” an incredulous xQc asked his buddy, before the two started poking fun at the situation.

However, xQc isn’t the only streamer getting served this broadcast on his homepage. Many other streamers are also experiencing the same situation, speculating that the streamer was testing Twitch’s limits — and they aren’t happy about the ordeal.

Still others are comparing Twitch to Kick, a site that has been criticized in the past due to the sort of content it allows on its platform, while Twitch has been known to be stricter, in comparison.

The Twitch streamer responsible for the broadcast — Taylor Jevaux — isn’t usually in her own broadcasts, though. Jevaux actually went viral earlier this month for ‘baiting’ her viewers with promises of a hot tub stream, but never actually appeared on camera.

Taylor Javeux
Taylor Jevaux went viral in early July for “baiting” viewers into watching her streams, where she rarely ever appears on camera.

Instead, she stood to the side of the stream and spoke to her viewers without showing herself, only stepping into frame for about five minutes at a time — usually doing things like body-weight squats — before going off-camera again.

This latest debacle has sparked quite a debate among Twitch users, who are hitting out at the website for failing to act on Jevaux’s content; Twitch’s Community Guidelines claim that sexually suggestive or explicit content can result in a suspension.

This is just the latest outrage against Twitch a streamer lashed out at the platform for handing her a 24-hour ban when her elderly dog had an unfortunate accident during one of her broadcasts.

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