xQc panics after accidentally showing nudity live on Twitch

Michael Gwilliam
xqc panics after showing nudity on twitch

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel panicked after he accidentally showed nudity during a live stream.

Nudity on Twitch has been a controversial topic for a very long time, especially with how streamers can be tricked into showing it and risk being banned.

xQc has been the victim of yet another on-stream nudity debacle that could result in the former OWL pro being suspended by the Amazon-owned platform.

During a February 5 broadcast, xQc was playing Marbles with his stream when he hovered over a player’s profile revealing a very inappropriate image featuring a woman with her breasts exposed.

xQc risks Twitch ban after showing nudity on stream

After hovering over the first-place Marbles race player, which showed their player details including the nude avatar, but it didn’t seem like xQc noticed at first.

Moments after the adult image flashed on his screen, xQc appeared to finally spot it and quickly moved his cursor to hide the photo.

xqc looking confused on stream
xQc might be banned on Twitch for showing nudity.

Despite being full of energy just seconds earlier, Lengyel soon fell silent, having realized that the image had been on full display without him even knowing it – something Reddit believes may result in a ban.

Twitch chat was quick to react, spamming skull emojis, likely acknowledging that the French Canadian had risked a ban by showing the content.

The platform’s community guidelines state: “Content that breaks ToS or CG, whether shown accidentally or on purpose, can be reported and moderation may take appropriate action on that content, including removing the content and issuing a suspension on your account.”

So far, xQc has yet to be suspended, but it’s not clear if Twitch has reviewed the broadcast or if Lengyel will have any sort of punishment for the on-stream incident.

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