xQc twerks on stream to celebrate updated Twitch guidelines on sexual content

Meera Jacka
xQc twerks on stream to celebrate updated Twitch guidelines on sexual content

xQc has celebrated Twitch’s updated sexual content guidelines, taking advantage of the new changes by showing off his moves and twerking on stream.

As of December 13, content creators using Twitch will now be able to share a large variety of content that the popular streaming platform previously penalized.

Twitch’s sexual content guidelines were updated after the platform recognized its previous outlook “was out of line with industry standards”.

This major shift in policies has resulted in a variety of creators taking to the platform to share their reactions — including ‘xQc’, who celebrated by twerking on stream.

Amongst some of the changes to Twitch’s sexual content guidelines was a specific policy allowing for certain dances — such as “twerking, grinding, and pole dancing” — to be streamed without a label.

xQc evidently took note of this, standing from his chair mid-stream as he asked fans not to “judge”.

“Guys, in light of the new Twitch [guidelines]…” xQc said, before beginning his attempt at twerking on camera. He even made sure to lift his shirt a little, allowing for a full view of the dance move.

Having previously researched twerking following Twitch’s guideline changes, it seems all of xQc’s hard work has finally paid off.

And he wasn’t done yet, telling the chat to “settle down” so that he could continue twerking on camera before finally declaring that he was “done now.”

Viewers were amused by the streamer’s dance moves, taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Mhmm my favourite,” one fan wrote. Another said, “That was the most skeletal twerk I’ve ever seen.”

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