Tiktokers regretting the 90s are using Rogaine to regrow their eyebrows


TikTokers dealing with the long-lasting effects of the pencil-thin eyebrows of the 90s have been sharing their experiences of using Rogaine to try and bring back their bushy brows.

The 90s were a haven of loud, questionable trends. With low-rise jeans, frosted tips, and the notorious pencil brow dominating the beauty space.

While unrealistic beauty standards have continued on into today, some have found the choices they made back then are continuing to impact them.

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In an attempt to replicate the thinnest of eyebrows rocked by celebrities at the time, some turned to ‘over-plucking’ their brows, leaving space on the forehead where the eyebrow hairs refuse to grow back into their full form.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie all showing how thin the eyebrow look was intended to be.

TikTokers have recently been revealing attempts at fixing the thin brow issue after a dermatologist posted a video to TikTok titled: ‘My secret eyebrow hack’.

The hack was shown to be Rogaine, a popular hair loss treatment most often used by balding men, rubbed into the brows ‘to grow full beautiful eyebrows.’

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In a stitched video seen more than 1.7 million times, ‘mamatherapy’ showed herself instantly rushing out to purchase Rogaine in an experiment to see if the hack really would work.

Comments were intrigued by the out of the box thinking, with one user stating “this was an option the whole time? Please update because my 90s eyebrows and I need to know.”

Not all comments recommended the treatment though, with one user stating: “Girl, no – as a pharmacist I would not be putting that on thin skin near my eyes” before explaining in a follow-up.

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“The skin is very thin and the product itself is an old blood pressure drug, so it could impact eye pressure.”

In an update one week later mamatherapy showed no change to her brows, though with an expected treatment time of 4-8 weeks at a minimum, she declared she’d stick at it for 4-6 weeks, keeping us in the loop as she went on.

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