Woman calls for help on TikTok after finding bathroom camera in Airbnb

woman finds cameraTikTok: Kennedyallegedly

A woman has called for help on TikTok after her friend found a camera hidden inside of an outlet in the bathroom of their Airbnb.

Airbnb rentals have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, although they haven’t been without incident.

TikTok has been the place to go to find stories about Airbnb stays, with videos involving scary messages from the company and guests that won’t leave going viral over the last few months.

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A woman is asking for advice on what to do after her friend found a camera hiding in their Airbnb bathroom during a recent visit.

Woman finds cameras hiding in Airbnb bathroom

In an upload on April 20, 2023, TikToker KennedyAllegedly revealed that a group of 15 women was staying in an Airbnb to celebrate one of their birthdays when one decided to look around for cameras on the second day.

“She found one, one of the outlets in the bathroom was facing directly towards the shower. This outlet did not work, you couldn’t plug anything into it,” she said before showing the camera.

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Kennedy went on to reveal they left the house and the cops searched it, confirming the camera’s existence.

She asked: “Does anyone know if we can sue? Or like, what do we do?”

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts and recommendations for Kennedy and her friend’s situation.

“I’d sue Airbnb AND those hosts. get that bank because the therapy to recover from that will be expensive,” one replied.

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Another said: “Definitely sue… get money plus extra… they should be jailed.”

Airbnb guidelines state that they do not allow devices in or monitor private spaces, although they do allow visible cameras in public spaces like a front door or driveway.

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