Airbnb host livid after guest refuses to leave home despite legal action

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A frustrated Airbnb host turned to social media after one of her guests refused to leave her home, claiming that California’s tenancy laws have granted the guest tenant’s rights.

Airbnb is a service that allows homeowners to rent out their properties to guests. Generally, these arrangements are only for a few days, but users can book houses for an extended stay, as well.

However, one woman’s ‘extended stay’ at a California Airbnb lasted longer than was originally agreed upon — and left the homeowner at her wits’ end.

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In a viral clip, an Airbnb host took to social media to air out her frustrations with the company. According to her, a guest wouldn’t leave her property, despite going through legal avenues to have them removed from the premises.

Airbnb host confronts guest that refuses to leave

Despite filling out all the paperwork, the woman says that law enforcement showed up to her door and told her that the guest had tenant’s rights due to the length of her stay, and needed a thirty-day notice before vacating.

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“I ain’t going nowhere,” the guest could be heard saying in the video. “So deal with it. …don’t come to my door. That’s all I know.”

The clip ended in a confrontation between the two women, with the guest shutting her bedroom door in the homeowner’s face.

So, what can homeowners do when faced with a situation like this? Local laws in certain states like California and New York do grant guests tenant’s rights if they stay at a location for a certain number of days within a set amount of time (provided there is no written agreement to the contrary).

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Can Airbnb guests stay past the rental agreement?

However, Airbnb says that they’re here to help hosts who confront such ordeals.

“These situations are incredibly rare, but if they happen, we’ll work with you to try and help resolve the problem with your guest,” the company states. “Should you face such a situation, let our 24/7 support team know as soon as possible and we’ll get in touch with you.”

This is far from the first time such an incident has occurred for an Airbnb host. Seven years ago, a woman couldn’t get her guests to leave after renting out the master bedroom in her home. She resorted to paying the renters $1,700 to remove them from her property after handing them eviction notices failed to get them moving.

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This is just the latest Airbnb horror story we’ve covered on Dexerto after a renter claimed he was hospitalized due to mold in the beach house where he was paying to relax on vacation.

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