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Winner of David Dobrik’s $100,000 puzzle challenge revealed

Published: 25/Mar/2021 19:47

by Virginia Glaze


In December 2020, YouTube star David Dobrik unleashed a massive challenge to his fans in the form of a puzzle, with the potential grand prize being $100,000 — and months later, a lucky participant seems to have won.

David Dobrik’s ‘$100,000 Puzzle’ was revealed around four months ago, with the YouTuber releasing a series of puzzles with a QR code on them.

Once solved, participants — who paid $30.00 for the puzzle — would go to the site directed by the QR code, where they would find out if they’d won anywhere from 25 cents to $100,000.

Despite selling over 48,000 puzzles in the span of a single week, Dobrik’s project was almost immediately met with backlash, with some critics accusing the influencer of promoting a kind of “gambling” to his young fans and even scamming his viewers.



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Months later, a grand winner still had not been chosen, with all hype around the puzzles dying down in wake of the drama surrounding Dobrik and his Vlog Squad in March.

However, on March 25, a video was released from the 100k Puzzle’s official Instagram account, which showed what appear to be members of Dobrik’s team presenting the lucky winner with her $100,000 prize.

The emotional winner stated that she is a fifth grade teacher, who plans on using the money to buy supplies for her students, put a down payment on a house, and “finally get married.”


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Despite the heartwarming tone of the clip, many critics are claiming the video is fake, as the $100k Puzzle company had sent emails to participants just a day prior claiming that they had just one week left to scan in their solved puzzles.


This may have meant that no one had solved the winning $100,000 puzzle yet, and is thus making viewers quite skeptical of the March 25 video clip’s legitimacy.

100k puzzle email march
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A March email from the $100k Puzzle has some participants feeling suspicious of the grand prize.

Still others suggest that the team could have waited to announce the winner after the deadline — but either way, it seems that the overall response to the $100k Puzzle’s grand announcement hasn’t been a positive one.