How to compete in David Dobrik’s mysterious ‘$100,000 Puzzle’

David Dobrik One Hundred Thousand Dollar PuzzleInstagram: @100kpuzzle

YouTube star David Dobrik is holding yet another massive challenge for his fans — and this time, it’s in the form of a mysterious “puzzle,” with the grand prize being a whopping $100,000.

David Dobrik is one of the internet’s most popular influencers. Best known for his hilarious and chaotic YouTube vlogs, he’s also hailed for his incredible generosity, having given away thousands of dollars to his fans on multiple occasions.

While his last high-stakes event was a Tesla giveaway that encouraged contestants to vote in the US Election, this time, he’s making his viewers work for their prize.

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On December 10, Dobrik launched a website that gives directions to fans hoping to cash in on a profitable reward. Dubbed ‘The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle,’ competitors must first pay out to compete — but the payoff could well be worth their investment.

How to compete in ‘The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle’

The steps for competing in Dobrik’s puzzle are as follows:

  1. First, go to the website for Dobrik’s ‘Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle.’
  2. Purchase the jigsaw puzzle as directed on the website. The puzzle itself is $30.00 — but whether or not you choose to buy is up to you.
  3. Wait for the puzzle to ship to your home. Dexerto has found that the puzzle doesn’t ship until the week of January 25, giving buyers a little over a month to wait for their long-anticipated “lottery ticket.”
  4. Once it has come in the mail, solve the puzzle you have purchased, which you’ll find has become a QR code.
  5. Scan the completed puzzle with your phone’s camera or a QR scanner app. The QR code will send you to a screen letting you know how much money you’ve won.

Prizes in the puzzle can range anywhere from a mere 25 cents to the grand prize of $100,000. Much like the ‘David’s Disposable’ app, it seems that the true joy of this particular venture is the time it takes to both receive and solve the puzzle before you learn how much your endeavors will actually pay off — literally.

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Coincidentally, Dobrik’s latest contest gives his fans something to look forward to and complete during yet another round of lockdowns throughout the United States, bringing friends and family together for the potential of winning big without heading to the casinos.