David Dobrik “really scared” after insane number of puzzle entries

David Dobrik alongside image of his $100k puzzleInstagram: 100kpuzzle / daviddobrik

Social media star David Dobrik has revealed the concerns he has over his ‘Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle’ after explaining that the QR code puzzle in which players could potentially win $100k had been purchased over 48,000 times.

Fans of David Dobrik were thrilled on December 10 when he announced his new product, a puzzle in which players work to complete QR codes, which can then be scanned to reveal a monetary prize.

While prizes can range up to $100,000, naturally most of the winnings will be on the lower end of the spectrum, with the very bottom prize a measly $0.25.

But with the puzzle itself set at $30, people will no doubt be praying that they manage to secure a higher prize so they make some money and enjoy making a puzzle at the same time.

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David Dobrik One Hundred Thousand Dollar PuzzleInstagram: @100kpuzzle
Dobrik’s new venture has got fans excited to see what they could win.

However, Dobrik has already been called out by some critics for promoting “gambling” to his young audience, calling the product “disgusting.”

How many puzzles has David Dobrik sold?

It seems that the star hadn’t been expecting quite so many people to participate in the competition, and has now revealed the concerns he has over the insane number of people who have bought the puzzle in his VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash.

“I had no f***ing idea. It’s the best selling thing I’ve ever sold in my entire life. And I had no idea it was gonna sell so good, and I’m really f***ing scared.”

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He described that he quickly realized people had got the wrong end of the stick with the possibility of a huge cash prize. “I even made a story and I was like ‘guys, buy the puzzle. But there’s a good chance that you’re not gonna f***ing win $100,000.”

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Revealing the crazy amount of interest in the puzzle, Dobrik went on to say that “I think a little over, now it’s over 48,000 people have bought this f***ing thing? And it’s like, that means a little over 47,000 people are not gonna win the £100k, and that’s gonna be a lot of disappointed people.”

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He described messages he received from people where they told him they had purchased ten puzzles thinking it would increase their chances of winning big, much to the star’s horror. “The way it should be viewed is it’s a puzzle first, and then there’s a sweet little gimmicky thing on top.”

The YouTuber revealed that there’s over $250,000 worth of prizes, which may well be tempting for some who want to see if they can win big, or perhaps just for those who want to solve a tough-looking puzzle.