WillNeff reveals how Samurai Jack clip resulted in "unfair" Twitch ban - Dexerto

WillNeff reveals how Samurai Jack clip resulted in “unfair” Twitch ban

Published: 3/Aug/2021 18:27

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer WillNeff revealed the bizarre reason for his DMCA ban after watching a Samurai Jack clip, and it serves as a major warning to others on the platform.

DMCA issues have been plaguing Twitch for a long time now and only recently has one streamer decided enough is enough, with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel challenging the Olympics with a counterclaim.

With all the hot discussion over the bans and now they affect streamers, WillNeff delved deep into the strange ban he received back in May for watching Samurai Jack and how even the folks at Adult Swim thought it was unfair.


As Dexerto previously reported, Will was banned after watching a short Samurai Jack clip on Adult Swim’s official YouTube channel, which left him extremely confused at the time.

Well, as it turns out, the problem was that he paused the video! Yes, that was actually the big problem that resulted in his ban.

“I watched 30 seconds to teach a film course about contrast and frame. But, because I paused on the frame for too long, their automated service said that I watched 10 minutes of content,” Will revealed.

The clip itself was under two minutes long, so it’s not even possible for him to have watched anything longer.


“Because I paused on that clip for too long, the automation said that I basically watched a whole episode!” he added. “So, I was auto-filed a DMCA claim.”

According to Neff, after he spoke to the brand and had a talk with Adult Swim, even they felt it was “ridiculous.”

To top it all off, he claimed that three months later, they’re still “trying to get the unfair DMCA taken down within their own company.”