Dr Disrespect backflips on viral Apex Legends outburst: “I actually do love this game”

Isaac McIntyre
Dr Disrespect thumbs up next to Apex Legends Wraith character after YouTube rage outburst.

Dr Disrespect has moved to set the record straight on his love-hate Apex Legends relationship, after his latest outburst went viral in the battle royale’s community ⁠— according to the two-time, he actually has a soft spot for Respawn’s franchise game.

“I hate this game… it’s so boring!”

It was the outburst that set the Apex Legends fandom alight last weekend after Dr Disrespect shared a clip of him flaming super popular Respawn’s battle royale in a short Twitter video. In it, he claimed “no one wants to watch” the game. He also declared playing the title “makes him want to cry.”

No surprise, Apex Legends players were less than impressed.

Now, the star YouTube streamer has moved to set the record straight, in a bid to clear any bad air with Apex Legends fans on the eve of Season 10’s release.

Dr Disrespect Apex Legends
The two-time claims he “actually does love” Apex Legends ahead of its Season 10 release.

Dr Disrespect didn’t exactly apologize for his outburst, which also included claims Apex Legends “will never be a top-tier esports title,” and a series of complaints about ‘time to kill.’ He did, however, admit it was a little off-base.

“I spoke my mind in the heat of the moment,” he said.

“At the time, I was in the heat of the moment in that Apex Legends game, yeah. As you people know, everyone that is actually inside the Arena knows, I’m enjoying myself with Apex Legends. I’m having a good time.”

The two-time also revealed that he sees Apex Legends as a “breath of fresh air” in a time where rivals like Warzone and Fortnite are flagging in the gaming scene.

Dr Disrespect streaming Warzone on Twitch
Dr Disrespect has had a bumpy relationship with Warzone in the past few weeks.

The Doc continued by explaining that his iconic streaming outbursts ⁠— many of which have gone viral in the past ⁠— aren’t because he dislikes those games. In fact, he only lays it on thick for franchises he actually wants to see improve.

“If I’m not screaming, I don’t like it,” he claimed.

“If I’m there, not yelling about your game, not tweeting it out,” the two-time continued in his August 2 broadcast, “then yeah, I don’t much like that game.

“If I’m not there tweeting about Apex, you could tell I don’t actually like the game. If I’m there getting hot and bothered, screaming, then whoo!”

On top of that, Dr Disrespect admitted he’s been playing Apex Legends off-stream and is looking forward to sinking his teeth into the Season 10 release. With Seer on the way, as well as new map changes, he’s “getting excited.”

“It’ll be fun to get back for Season 10. I actually do love that game. It’s like a breath of fresh air from Warzone. With a new season, character… it’s gonna be good.”

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