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WillNeff reveals bizarre reason for DMCA Twitch ban

Published: 5/May/2021 12:26

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer WillNeff has revealed the bizarre reason behind his Twitch ban, with a copyright claim that doesn’t quite make much sense.

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 5, WillNeff was suddenly banned from the platform, leaving both he and his viewers thoroughly perplexed.

Will is a pretty big streamer on Twitch, having first set up his channel in 2016 after some pushing from friend HasanAbi, and since then they’ve both grown and blown up in their own ways and become staples of the platform.

That said, the Twitch ban hammer cares not for how long you’ve been streaming or how many followers you have, and it struck Will for a very strange reason.


WillNeff and Hasan Piker at 100 Thieves CashApp Pay day tournament
Instagram: thewillneff
WillNeff with friend and fellow streamer Hasan Piker.

Shortly after the ban happened, the streamer took to Twitter to explain what had happened and express his confusion over it.

“I just got band [sic] for watching a clip of #samuraijack that’s on YouTube on my stream,” he told his 35k followers. “Legitimately a clip on their official YouTube. What the f**k is this?”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Neff asked how he’s supposed to talk film if he “can’t even show clips from the official channel on YouTube?”

He also added that “it’s a copyright claim for a clip they put on their own YouTube,” saying that he “doesn’t understand it at all.”


How long WillNeff is banned for isn’t yet clear, but both he and many of his fans don’t think it’s at all reasonable, and will hope to see it overturned sooner rather than later.

Many are also arguing that this is a reasonable copyright claim, so ultimately we will have to wait to see what Twitch’s verdict is, but it doesn’t look great for WillNeff.