Why isn’t Sykkuno streaming? Fans told to stop pushing him for Rust streams

Connor Bennett
Sykkuno talking to the camera

Fans of Twitch and YouTube sensation Sykkuno have started calling on others to stop begging his fellow streamers to ask him to stream when he’s just chilling and playing games. 

In recent weeks and months, OfflineTV’s Sykkuno has skyrocketed in terms of popularity on Twitch – gaining over one and a half million followers as he closes in on three million overall.

His community has not just grown on Twitch, though, as his fans are incredibly active across social media, especially on Twitter. However, that popularity comes with pitfalls. 

Some fans have already been called out for overstepping the mark and making him uncomfortable with the gifts they’ve sent through his PO Box, and now other fans have been called out for begging other streamers to ask Sykkuno to stream. 

Sykkuno at his stream setup
Sykkuno has become known for streaming games like Minecraft and Among Us.

It came on January 22, where the 28-year-old was playing Rust but not actually streaming. That prompted some of his fans to donate to the streamers he was playing him, asking them to ask him to stream. 

“Can you like please not ask me to ask people to stream,” replied Aussie streamer Ash_on_lol. “It’s kind of weird, it’s pretty rude. Guys, if you see other streamers playing while they’re not streaming, it’s probably because they want to play and chill. 

“If they wanted to stream, they would, so please don’t pressure anybody into doing something they don’t want to, that’s wrong of you.”

Ultimately, the message started to make the rounds among Sykkuno fans on Twitter, with many of them backing Ash’s thoughts. 

“When will they stop and learn basic manners,” asked one fan. “I want Sykkuno to see this and ban that person who donated on his channel, this is getting out of hand,” said another. 

“I hate to admit that Sykkuno’s fan base can get so toxic sometimes, and that breaks my heart considering he’s the complete opposite of that as a person” commented another fan. “It’s so disappointing to see stuff like this, like let him do what he wants to do.”

While fans can police themselves, and Sykkuno’s community does it pretty well, there are some who will always complain and beg that they get what they want. 

Streamers, big and small, will always get pushy viewers, but ultimately, they choose when to stream and create content, nobody else. They’re not robots and need their own time, just like anyone else.

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