Sykkuno fans call out “uncomfortable” gifts other fans are sending him

Sykunno with cat ears on next to a wrapped giftTwitter: Sykunno/Unsplash

Fans of YouTube and Twitch sensation Sykkuno have been sending the content creator should pretty strange items of clothing, prompting some to lay down the law and ask that it stops. 

In the backend of 2020, OfflineTV member Sykkuno blew up on Twitch through games like Among Us and Minecraft, while fostering a community that is pretty much free from toxicity – something that is pretty unique on the livestreaming platform. 

As that community has just continued to grow and grow, the content creator has been inundated with gifts to his PO Box. He’ll regularly show these off on stream too, as he gets everything from art to clothing.

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Though, some fans have been taking it a little bit further than some others, like sending Sykkuno some strange items of clothing and asking him to wear it on stream. 

sykunno coverTwitch: Sykunno
Sykkuno blew up on Twitch at the end of 2020.

It happened during his January 2nd stream, when Sykkuno again opened some packages as he swapped games, moving from Among Us to Rust. 

He opened one Amazon package that contained a pretty small maid’s outfit and quickly tried to move on. “That’s weird, man, that’s a weird one,” he said while looking for a letter to go with the costume.

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When he did, the streamer thanked the fan for the package but still tried to move on quickly to the next thing as his chat laughed at the idea of him having to put it on.

Some fans on Twitter quickly joked about how quick he moved on from the outfit, but others saw it as a way to make a point. 

“Things Sykkuno gets sent to wear have kinda been getting progressively more weird and fetishized,” tweeted botkkuno, a fan account. “So please, before sending ask yourself if what you send would make him uncomfortable. One thing is to joke about it on Twitter but actually sending ain’t it ngl.”

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Others quickly backed up that point, adding that his viewers should be “more considerate about this,” by considering if will it make him uncomfortable. 

“Yeah, they treat him like a doll,” added another. “It’s so weird and in general they act as if he’s some innocent kid when he obviously isn’t.”

Obviously, the streamer welcomes the gifts, that’s why he has a PO Box after all, but the internet can go a little bit too far.

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Maybe fans policing themselves will turn things around, and there will be fewer uncomfortable packages for Sykkuno to open moving forward.

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