Why has PewDiePie stopped Pew News? The full explanation

Connor Bennett

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has confirmed that his popular Pew News series will be going on the shelf for the time being – but why is he choosing to do so?

After going head-to-head with T Series for over a year, PewDiePie finally reached that magical 100 million subscribers mark thanks to his regular uploads of Minecraft, Meme Review, and Pew News.

However, in recent weeks, there has been a distinct lack of Pew News on his channel – leaving fans questioning if it had gone away forever and wouldn’t be coming back. 

PewDiePie, Twitter / TubefilterPewDiePie has cemented himself as the top dog on YouTube.

During his ‘Why I stopped’ upload on September 19, the YouTube star dove into topics about himself, including the drama about him wearing an ‘Iron Cross’ symbol, while also explaining why he stopped Pew News. 

“It’s like, all these ideas are diseases that are just spread and I don’t like it – and it’s part of the reason why I stopped doing Pew News, because I hate playing into all this drama that doesn’t mean anything,” Pewds said, after discussing the return of ProJared to YouTube and beef surrounding James Charles. 

The popular YouTuber continued on: “Like, there’s been so many things happening while I haven’t been doing Pew News and I can’t even recite one of them because it doesn’t matter. Everyone forgets about it a week after – like, no one should actually spend their time caring about these things, it’s a waste of time.

“I don’t want to spend my life caring about these things. Trust me, I’m doing you a favor by not doing Pew News – you don’t need to know about these things, they’re not important.”

Pewds confirmed that the Pew News show is “closed indefinitely” and that his newsreader character would be returning to retirement. 

However, he didn’t shut the door on a possible return down the line, jokingly adding that the persona will probably be dragged back out when PewDiePie makes another “oopsie.”

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