Twitch streamer Mayahiga left stunned by donation insult

David Purcell

Popular Twitch streamer Maya Higa couldn’t believe what she was hearing after a donator decided to send her one of the worst messages possible during a stream. 

The internet personality has just short of 100,000 followers on the streaming platform and one of many that appear in the Just Chatting category regularly on Twitch. 

As is the case with anybody who puts the text-to-speech ability on their donations, many times people from the chat will send in some messages for their favorite streamers to hear. This time, though, mayahiga was hosting a Q&A session with viewers. 

Maya Higa, InstagramMaya also has almost 20,000 followers on Instagram.

More often than not these type of sessions encourage engagement with the chat and that was certainly the case during Higa’s September 19 broadcast – but she was left completely speechless by a very personal comment made during it. 

As she began to tie her hair up in a bun, the ‘thank you so much’ line popped up, signalling that she had received a donation. “Just get a boob job,” the auto-reader started. “That way people don’t look at your horribly deformed face.” 

Expectedly, the streamer was completely stunned for a few moments, before giving her take on it. “That was one of the meanest donos [donations] I’ve ever gotten. That was not nice.”

The streamer might have had a smile on her face the whole time, but it’s fair to say that she was far from impressed by what was read out. In fact, she even fired back at the person who done it. 

“You gave me three dollars just to hurt my feelings and I’m going to go to the gas station and buy myself a croissant breakfast sandwich,” Maya responded. 

Whether or not she will continue to host this type of Q&A session again in the future remains to be seen, but it’s highly likely. After all, she’s the one getting paid to do them, even if the comments are mean. 

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