Twitch chat tricks novice streamer with classic prank

Rookie Twitch streamer SillyMichael was baited with the oldest trick in the book after opening himself up to fan suggestions during a stream of Krunker.

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When it comes to streaming on Twitch, even streamers that have had years of experience can fall for things that may land them in trouble. Be it a donation, chat message, or reading out a silly subscriber name, there’s always something to be wary of.

Yet, if you jump into the things fresh and have no experience at all, you’re leaving yourself open to having viewers play jokes on you. If they’re successful, these trolls will have a hilarious clip to show off, claiming to have gotten one over on a new streamer, and bag some internet points in the meantime too. 

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Instagram: Silly.MichaelSillyMichael’s pal couldn’t believe that he had fallen for the trick.

It was that same cruel, yet hilarious fate, that fell upon SillyMichael during one of his first Twitch broadcasts on September 19.

The rookie streamer had been playing Krunker alongside some friends when he turned to Twitch chat for some friendly advice. “Yo bro, I’m new to this thing so,” SillyMichael said, replying to a viewer who said it gave him more frames per second. 

“Alt F4?” he added, before clicking in that faithful combination and being mocked by his friends for closing the game. “Oh, you dumbass!” called out one of the streamer’s friends as they heard him fall for the classic trick. 

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However, the new broadcaster even saw the funny side of things – tipping his cap to the troll for pulling a fast one on him.

“Oh, he got me so good,” he added, laughing about what happened. “Fuck you SomJuu. What is SomJuu? He fucking got me man!” 

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Nevertheless, SillyMichael carried on with his stream for a couple more hours, perhaps a little more wary of the pitfalls of trusting Twitch chat in the beginning of his streaming career.

As he grows a little more, the streamer will find regular viewers that he can trust for good information – but it appears as if SomJuu will have to earn their way back into the good books.

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