Why has Emma Chamberlain deactivated Twitter? YouTuber responds to drama

Instagram: Emma Chamberlain

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain has addressed controversy that began after she deactivated her Twitter on the day US election results emerged, after rumors spread about her political affiliation. Chamberlain has now responded on Instagram.

19-year-old Emma Chamberlain is a hugely popular YouTuber with 9.6 million subscribers, who established herself on the site via her relatable content, and quirky editing style. She is without a doubt a social media sensation, and has been a huge part of popularizing certain editing techniques that are used by creators across the platform.

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The YouTube star and coffee entrepreneur has previously revealed that she keeps tight-lipped on matters relating to her love life, and the same can be said for her decision to openly discuss drama.

Emma Chamberlain, YouTube / ChamberlainCoffee.comEmma Chamberlain, YouTube / ChamberlainCoffee.com
The star even started her own coffee brand.

However, Emma was forced to respond when a rumor that she deactivated her Twitter account because she’s a Republican got way out of hand.

Emma Chamberlain deactivates Twitter

Amid the chaos that followed election day, some fans noticed that Emma had seemingly deactivated her Twitter account, with tweets not loading on her account that previously had 3.9 million followers.

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Some people found it odd that the deactivation happened the same day Joe Biden was projected to become president of the United States, and began sleuthing to find out Emma’ political affiliation.

Screenshots began to circulate of the voting database, showing someone named Emma Chamberlain, aged 19, living in West Hollywood, who is a registered Republican.

Despite the fact that her name is not particularly obscure, many people assumed that this must be the YouTube star’s voting record, and began speaking out on social media against her.

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Emma responds to Twitter drama

After the chaos, Emma was forced to address the situation via Instagram. “I really don’t like to engage in any internet drama/ lies,” she began. “But today is a VERY big day. Today is a day to celebrate.”

Emma Chamberlain responds to Twitter deactivation drama, a block of text against the background of some cloudsInstagram: Emma Chamberlain
Emma posted the response to her Instagram story.

She went on to say “I really don’t want to spend today defending made up facts about me. I hope we can all come together today, celebrate, and LOVE each other. The future is very bright. I love you all so much. Every single one of you.”

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Many came to defend Emma on social media, and called out people who were using unreliable websites to make assumptions about political affiliation, and “jumping to conclusions.”

When things have calmed down it may be that Emma addresses the bizarre rumors further, but it seems for now she wants to avoid focusing on the drama.

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