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Emma Chamberlain explains why she doesn’t talk about her love life

Published: 25/Sep/2020 21:53 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 9:41

by Virginia Glaze


Emma Chamberlain is more than a YouTube star; the influencer also boasts a successful coffee company and a popular merch line, but for all her nine million subscribers, there’s one thing she doesn’t dish on — her relationships.

Chamberlain has become an undisputed social media sensation, rising to fame thanks to her hilariously honest conversations with fans about life as well as her other side hustles, which include Chamberlain Coffee.

Considering that she’s become somewhat of a fashion, beverage and internet icon, though, it stands to reason that fans are more interested in her personal life; but what’s personal sometimes needs to stay behind closed doors, according to Chamberlain.


In a September 24 interview with Seventeen, the YouTuber opened up about both the updated branding for her coffee company and her love life, although her answer isn’t exactly what fans were hoping for.

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Rather than spilling the coffee beans about any potential relationship news, Chamberlain claimed that she keeps her love life under wraps for a very good reason.

“When you love someone, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I want to tell everybody,’” she said of the topic. “But I think that, unfortunately, it’s not good for the health of the relationship to talk about it, especially when you’re young.”


Going on to claim that her “lips were zipped” regarding the situation, it doesn’t look like Chamberlain is going to spill the tea on her romances any time soon — but internet sleuths already have a potential candidate in mind, and he goes by the name of Role Model.

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Role Model — aka Tucker Pillsbury — is a fellow social media star and pop singer, whose new song ‘Blind’ is speculated to actually be about Emma Chamberlain.

While the two do follow each other on Instagram and have made the occasional flirty interaction on the app, there’s no solid evidence linking the two together, and Emma isn’t willing to divulge any info on that particular front.


For now, it seems that all fans can do is watch and wait for any updates — although it doesn’t look like she’ll be doing so any time soon.