Who is Peachy Bella on TikTok? Mystery account freaking users out

TikTok logo on a phone next to girl from the Peachy Bella TikTok accountUnsplash / peachy.bellaaa

TikTok users have been spooked after an account by the name of Peachy Bella has been liking users’ every comment, on a scale so large that people have even started coming up with conspiracy theories surrounding the account.

TikTok has cemented itself as a staple of internet culture in recent years, and has produced countless viral stars by its short-form video content, and viral trends.

Though the TikTok user base certainly seems to be a curious one, as in the past several conspiracies have arisen about viral stars Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, claiming that their unprecedented rise to millions of followers within only a year means something bigger must be at play.

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The D'Amelio familyThe D’Amelio family are examples of huge stars on TikTok who ended up being the subject of conspiracy theories themselves.

While the conspiracies are dismissed by the viral stars and passed off as a little fun by viewers, people were finding themselves freaked out when they became embroiled in an ongoing TikTok conspiracy about someone by the name of Peachy Bella.

Users report mass likes from Peachy Bella

Over the period of a few months, reports were popping up all over the internet of a mysterious account who managed to like people’s comments within seconds of them being posted, no matter what the video. Some users even found the account liked their unlisted videos.

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“I can’t believe there’s a whole conspiracy on this Peachy Bella girl,” one user tweeted. “I thought I was the only one whose comments kept getting liked by her, this has been happening for months!”

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The account goes by the name of peachy.bellaaa, and has a substantial following of over 500,000 followers, and over 600,000 likes. Her bio says she “posts and deletes” content, and currently only has two videos posted, the comments disabled on both.

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The videos feature the same girl, though it is not clear whether she is actually the owner of the account.

In a video that received over 360,000 likes, TikToker itsacrello shared his theory on the mysterious mass liker, suggesting that whoever owns the account with the like-bot is either using a random girl to catfish people and get more money, or it’s a real person who wants more TikTok followers. The link in her bio appears to lead to various premium Snapchat accounts.

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The comment section of itsacrello’s video was also filled with people claiming the same thing had happened to them, leaving everyone baffled at the sheer scale of the operation.

Peachy Bella themselves, whoever they are, has not yet addressed the situation, and it appears the issue will continue until they decide to give up, or TikTok bans the account for good.

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