Who is Keith Lee on TikTok? MMA fighter goes viral as food critic

Dylan Horetski
Keith Lee Instagram

Las Vegas native Keith Lee has taken over TikTok over the last few months with his food review videos, but who is he? Here’s everything we know about the viral food critic.

Although there are over a billion monthly users on TikTok, every so often you’ll find a creator that has taken over everyone’s For You Page with viral videos.

The most recent creator do to so, Keith Lee, is a former Bellator MMA fighter who started his TikTok account in 2020 as a way to fight his social anxiety and become more comfortable doing interviews with the press.

Although he’s been growing his platform for over two years, it wasn’t until 2022 that Keith began taking over the site with his viral food reviews. However, what started as innocent food reviews has caused a stir in Atlanta, as he gave a local restaurant a bad review.

Here’s everything we know about the viral creator, including some of the things he’s accomplished with his newfound stardom.

Who is Keith Lee on TikTok?

Starting with family-focused content, Keith eventually began making cooking videos until his wife’s pregnancy changed what he wanted to share.

With his wife having a ton of pregnancy cravings, Lee began sharing them on TikTok. According to an interview with MMAFighting, he was then asked to appear on ‘People vs Food,’ a show that has over 12 million subs on YouTube.

As a way to make sure people would want to check out his content after his appearance, Keith decided to start reviewing food.

Since beginning to push his food reviews harder in late 2022, Keith has become known for giving his honest opinion on food while making sure it’s clear he isn’t bashing the restaurant he’s eating at. He states that he goes into every review without any bias.

More recently, Keith has used his platform to make a difference with small businesses both online and around his home in Las Vegas.

One of those businesses is Frankensons Pizzeria, which exploded in popularity after Keith uploaded a video raving about how good their pizza, wings, and garlic knots are.

According to Socialblade, Keith’s popularity skyrocketed at the end of 2022 going into 2023 — going from 3.2 million followers on December 3 to 8.4 million followers on January 11.

Each of his videos amasses several million views as well, with many even getting more views than he has followers. His initial review of Frankensons pizza, for example, has been seen over 33 million times.

It’s unknown whether or not Keith is still training to fight in the MMA as he hasn’t openly talked about it recently, but his brother Kevin seems to have his eyes on being Jake Paul’s first opponent in the octagon.