Keith Lee held back by security after prank TikToker ‘mistakes’ him for rapper DDG

Virginia Glaze

A video showing Keith Lee getting pranked by popular TikToker Gerald Huston at the BET Awards is taking social media by storm, sparking both positive and negative reactions from viewers.

TikTok-famous food reviewer Keith Lee was one of several influencers who attended the BET awards in late June — but his presence at the event has sparked some not-so-positive responses from netizens.

One incident that’s going viral online occurred while Lee was walking outside of the venue when he was suddenly approached by TikToker Gerald Huston, who’s known for his prank videos.

Huston quickly rushed up to Lee and jokingly claimed the influencer was actually rapper DDG (who, ironically, looks quite similar to the food reviewer). Security grabbed Lee by the arms and held him back as the TikToker continued his practical joke, with Lee telling him, “Don’t do that.”

The security guard even warned Huston that Lee was an MMA fighter and could “knock him out,” but the prankster continued the bit.

However, Lee seemed to recognize Huston as security escorted him away from the scene, saying, “I get it, I get your content. I watch you all the time.”

Huston uploaded his video of the prank on July 3, which has sparked quite a conversation regarding Lee’s response to the joke as commenters pour in with both positive and negative takes on the situation.

“Why do they actually get so mad?” one user wrote. “Keith Lee act like he somebody.”

“Keith Lee moving like the president as a TikTok food reviewer,” another said.

“Keith Lee been acting like a buster lately,” yet another chimed in.

Commenters weren’t impressed with Keith Lee’s response to Gerald Huston’s viral prank.

Still others are defending the influencer, with one writing on Instagram: “He already has social anxiety. Stop playing with people you don’t personally know. He’s a MMA fighter too. Bold move.”

“Bro walked up to Keith Lee calling him DDG and he said don’t do that. And y’all flipping out cuz he don’t wanna play with dude content lol,” another said.

The negative comments ring similar to others that were thrown toward Lee after actress Taraji P. Henson got him confused for Jordan Howlett. Lee uploaded, then quickly deleted, a video showing himself tossing a rose onto the carpet at the BET Awards, sparking a slew of criticism toward the TikToker for letting his online fame “get to his head.”

Thus far, Lee has not offered a response to Huston’s prank video nor the criticism it has sparked against him — but he did clarify his video regarding the Taraji Henson incident and gave the actress plenty of compliments on how she handled the mixup.