Keith Lee shocks fans after reviewing brother’s restaurant ‘Braised by Kevin Lee’

Dylan Horetski
Keith Lee reviews Kevin Lee's food

TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee left fans shocked after reviewing food from his own brother, ex-UFC fighter Kevin Lee.

Before taking off on TikTok as the app’s most beloved food critic, Keith Lee spent a fair share of his life as a Bellator MMA fighter. Interest in fighting runs in the family, too, with his brother Kevin Lee making a name for himself in the UFC.

Keith’s been doing TikTok full-time for over a year, and Kevin Lee retired from the UFC back in July 2023. Fans of the latter have wondered what he’s been doing since, and one of Keith’s latest videos reveals just that.

Keith shared a review of his brother’s restaurant ‘Braised by Kevin Lee’ on May 27, 2024, leaving fans shocked for a variety of reasons.

“Me and my family are in Hollywood, Florida and the food in this bag is from my brother’s restaurant. When I say my brother, I mean the same mom and dad. But I didn’t order it and he doesn’t know we’re here,” Keith said before revealing that it was in fact from Kevin Lee.

“We all lived in Vegas, but he moved to Miami and opened his own pop up. [It] is at a farmers’ market. The name of it is Yellow Green Farmers Market and inside is his restaurant ‘Braised by Kevin Lee.'”

Keith reviewed the food just like it came from any other business, and said it was great. The video quickly went viral, amassing over seven million views in the process, and stunned fans in the process.

Many users didn’t realize that Kevin Lee was Keith’s brother. One user replied: “Wait!! Kevin Lee, the mma fighter? Didn’t realize he was your brother. Miss that guy in the UFC.”

“Keith why have you been keeping that beautiful man from us,” another asked.

Others were impressed with Kevin for not using Keith’s fame to boost his business. “Honestly respect him so much for asking you not to come to the restaurant so he can get it on his own,” someone else said.

Another commented: “The fact that he wants to start from the bottom and not ask Keith Lee for help is respectable.”

TikTok’s FYP helped the review make its way to those local to Kevin’s pop-up restaurant, leaving many pleasantly surprised to hear that he’s right down the road from them.

While Kevin isn’t in the limelight nearly as much as he used to be, the ex-UFC fighter hasn’t hesitated to call out big-name creators in the past — including YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul. Kevin called out Jake back in 2023 to help the influencer make his MMA debut, but nothing ever happened with it.