Keith Lee’s return to Atlanta sparks “crazy” food truck drama

Josh Taylor
Keith Lee food truck event in Atlanta.

TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee came back to Atlanta and tried to give out free food at his own event, but uninvited food trucks pulled up trying to sell food and refused to leave.

Keith Lee was re-visiting Atlanta to review more restaurants in the area as part of his “redemption tour” of places he had previously critiqued.

While there, the TikToker posted a location in Atlanta to his socials for a surprise community event the next day on April 3, to give out five hundred free plates of food on a first come first serve basis.

Lee was shocked by how many people turned up. “I’m telling you, this line goes for a mile long,” he said while live on his TikTok and mentioned how he only posted it less than 24 hours ago.

However, with the spot being public knowledge, various other food companies that were not part of the event ended up coming to the spot and started selling their own food as the crowds continued to grow.

Lee said: “There is a bunch of food trucks that pulled up that I didn’t know was going to pull up. And right now I’m trynna make sure that they are on the same mission as far as giving out food.

“And if they not part of the same mission as far as giving out food, then I want them to be very clear that they’re not part of the event, they just here to be here kind of thing. Because I don’t want people to be like ‘oh he said he’s giving away food’ and then they come and they got to pay for food. Yeah that’s crazy, yeah that’s crazy, that is the news.”

The uninvited food trucks refused to leave, which led to TikTok critic Keith Lee moving to a new location and giving away a whole heap of free pizzas to the crowd.