Kevin Lee admits he was “stressed out” over brother Keith Lee’s review of his restaurant

Dylan Horetski
Kevin Lee responds to Keith Lee review of his food

Two days after Keith Lee’s review of his brother’s restaurant went viral, Kevin Lee responded to the love and support from the video and revealed that he was “stressed out” over the review.

On May 27, 2024, TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee uploaded a video checking out ‘Braised by Kevin Lee,’ which is his own brother’s restaurant.

The popular UFC fighter’s pop-up restaurant received a fantastic review from his TikTok-famous brother, and local fans watching the review were prepared to go check it out in person.

Kevin has now responded to the hype from the viral video, and revealed that he was “stressed out” in the days leading up to it.

“First of all, I wanna thank everybody for the love. The response on this video was nuts,” he said. “A lot of comments I saw were super constructive.”

He went on to reveal that he started social media channels for his brand including Instagram and TikTok.

“That being said, I’m just super happy that Keith enjoyed the food. That’s the number one thing, the food has to be good and anyone else who comes to see me will get that same experience,” Kevin added.

“You know, I thought with Keith being my little brother that I was going to get some insight, maybe he was gonna take it a little easy on me. Not at all, I was stressed the f**k out for two weeks. But at least it did put me on my A-Game.”

Kevin also stated that even if Keith wasn’t his little brother, he was still the one who inspired him to start this food journey.

The MMA star didn’t explain exactly why he was stressed out for two weeks, but it’s safe to assume that he knew Keith was coming to Miami as a part of his ongoing “Food Tour.” Keith revealed that they were headed to Miami on May 25, 2024, and more than likely had everything planned before then.

However, he didn’t know when the review would happen, as he had no idea the family was there until halfway through Keith’s video.

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