Ex-UFC fighter challenges Jake Paul to MMA fight debut

Jake Paul Tommy Fury lossInstagram/JakePaul

A former UFC fighter is challenging Jake Paul to step up and fight him in his MMA debut if Nate Diaz isn’t able to take him on later this year.

Jake Paul made waves as a boxer going undefeated in his career with victories against UFC champions such as Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley and now he’s ready to make the jump to MMA.

On January 5, ‘The Problem Child’ signed a deal to the PFL and set his sights on battling Nate Diaz in his long-awaited debut in a brand new combat sport.

However, not everyone is convinced that Diaz will be able to join PFL this year. In a recent interview, former UFC fighter Kevin Lee issued a challenge to the influencer to step up and battle him.

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KSI Jake PaulInstagram/Jakepaul
Jake Paul is gearing up for his MMA debut.

Former UFC fighter Kevin Lee wants to fight Jake Paul in MMA

Speaking with TMZ, Kevin Lee explained how there are some big issues with Jake Paul wanting to take on Nate Diaz and how he’d be a better opponent if the YouTuber wants to get his feet wet.

“Nate Diaz is a good fight. I’ll give him that, but there are two problems with the Nate Diaz fight. Nate Diaz ain’t going to take that fight, let’s be honest. They’re going to go back and forth for months and years,” Lee said, noting how negotiations with PFL may be slow.

“If he makes the Nate Diaz fight happen, great but I don’t see that happening within the next year or so and if he wants to fight this year then he should fight somebody that’s on the roster and already making it happen,” he added, further stating that he was close to signing himself.

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According to Lee, he would be Jake Paul’s best choice for an opponent, hyping himself up as someone who has fought six world champions in his career so far.

“Let’s make it happen. Be a man. Put your money where your mouth is. Step in there. You might lose. You’re going to lose. It’s going to happen but I’m gonna shake your hand afterward and let’s make some money,” he urged. “Let’s fight. Let’s see what you do.”

So far, Paul hasn’t responded to Lee’s challenge, but so far it’s looking like the influencer will have no shortage of possible opponents between him, Diaz, and even a possible rematch against Ben Askren.

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