Keith Lee makes Las Vegas pizzeria go mega-viral after food review takes off

Virginia Glaze
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TikTok star and food reviewer Keith Lee has made one Las Vegas pizzeria go mega-viral after his video about the local joint took off on social media.

Keith Lee is one of TikTok’s biggest up and coming stars, boasting over 8 million followers on the video-sharing platform.

Lee is best known for his videos reviewing local restaurants. His honest, comedic reviews often rack up millions of views each and sometimes result in the aforementioned establishments getting an increase in customers.

On January 3, Lee reviewed some vittles from Frankensons Pizzeria in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he seemed especially impressed with the restaurant’s lemon pepper wings and Italian sub sandwich.

Lee claimed that he’d received an email from one of the establishment’s employees, who claimed that they hadn’t been getting many customers and were struggling to pay rent. He later met with the owner, Frank, who claimed that he couldn’t afford to stay open until 1 AM as posted online.

Keith Lee food review makes Las Vegas pizzeria go viral

At the time of publication, the TikToker’s review has racked up over 30 million views…and Lee isn’t the only one seeing success from the video.

According to Lee, Frankensons Pizzeria has seen a huge uptick in followers on TikTok since publishing his review, and has become packed with new customers who claim that Lee’s review brought them to the local spot.

“10 to 5 PM, [there was] a line out the door,” Lee said in a follow-up video. “Obviously I knew he was gonna have some business, but I never thought it was gonna be to that magnitude.”

In fact, a message posted from Frankensons claimed that they had to shut down early that day due to the overwhelming amount of customers they received in wake of Lee’s review.

Days later, customers are still lining up outside the door of Frankensons Pizzeria to get a taste of their garlic knots and peach chutney wings — and the shop owner has made no bones about his gratitude for Lee putting their delicious food on the map in such a big way.

This news follows a possible upcoming collaboration between Keith Lee and YouTube star MrBeast, who asked the TikToker to review his line of Feastables chocolate bars…but Lee had three pretty big conditions for him to meet before going all-in.

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