TikTok snail meme: Immortal snail trend explained

Connor Bennett
Brown snail sliming by a tree next to TikTok logo

Some TikTok users have become obsessed with the ‘Immortal Snail’ question, producing some hilarious memes along the way. But, what’s it all about?

TikTok has become home to a whole host of different memes and trends, with users usually giving their take in unique ways, helping create spin-offs of the meme itself.

Most recently, users have become obsessed with the Immortal Snail question. It’s a classic internet hypothetical that stems from an old RoosterTeeth podcast where you’re paid a certain amount of money and granted immortality, but will be followed by a snail, that can end your life with one touch, for the rest of your life.

With it being a snail, many users quickly ‘take’ the money knowing they can outrun the slow-moving assassin at a walking pace but it often creates some funny conversation, and now TikTok is getting in on the act.

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What is the TikTok snail meme?

The hypothetical has been doing the rounds on the video-sharing platform for a few days, with plenty of users keeping the context behind the question out of their post, just referring to ‘the snail.’

Naturally, this has meant that some have had to explain the meme to confused followers, breaking down just exactly how they’d play out the scenario as if it were actually real. Some would just ship the snail off and never worry about it again while others would try and befriend it.

Other users have used classic moments from tv shows, movies, and video games to show how their final standoff with the snail would go, some joking that it may end all of time and space if they fight.

Plenty of users have started angling their accounts around the hypothetical too, changing their picture to be a snail and chasing users around in comment sections.

With the hypothetical question being such a staple of the internet, it won’t be long before it comes back around again at some point as someone has a new take on it, but by then, most people should know what its all about.

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