Who is Angry Reactions? Viral TikToker loved for his supportive messages

angry reactions tiktokTikTok: AngryReactions

Oneya ‘Angry Reactions’ D’Amelio has taken over TikTok with his constant flow of positive messages to his fans and other creators on the app. Here’s everything you need to know about the popular creator. 

TikTok has created quite a few interesting viral moments and creators since the app Musical.ly was purchased by ByteDance in 2018. They changed the app’s name to TikTok shortly after.

Some examples of popular moments would be the “TikTok beef” between Vantalord and Chedurena, as well as the paper duck trend.

One of the many viral creators on the short-form video app goes by the name Angry Reactions, who has gained over 25 million followers by spreading positivity throughout the world.

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Who is Angry Reactions on TikTok?

While Oneya D’Amelio may share his last name with TikTok celebrity sisters Charli and Dixie, it’s unknown whether or not they are actually related. As far as we know, the D’Amelio sisters are the only kids in their immediate family.

Oneya has gained popularity on the app thanks to the “angry” facial expression that he shows when he wants to say a positive message to someone. One example is a video he posted on January 19, 2021, in response to a creator being free from self-harm.

He said: “What do you mean we shouldn’t care? That’s a big accomplishment! I’m so proud of you, king!”

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The TikToker has also shared his weight loss journey with his followers, and his comments have been full of the same positive messages that he provides for others.

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D’Amelio has appeared in videos for other TikTok creators as he gained popularity as well.

On December 20, 2021, he partnered up with Daniel Mac for a video promoting Call of Duty Vanguard.

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While Oneya has decreased the frequency of his posts recently, it’s clear that his massive fanbase loves his videos and the positivity that the creator spreads throughout the world.

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