What are Paper Ducks? Viral trend of homemade ducks sweeping TikTok

paper duck tiktok trendTikTok: Paper.Duck.Care

TikTok has a new viral trend, and this time it involves creating ducks out of paper with matching clothes and accessories. Here’s everything we know about the crafty videos taking over the platform.

Over the past couple of years, TikTok has proven that just about anything can go viral on the short-form video app. We’ve seen anything from various ‘cult’ communities to viral phone wallpapers take over the platform.

The latest viral trend has taken over the crafting community with creators making their own personalized ducks out of paper. Many creators have even taken it a step further with clothes, accessories, and even dollhouse-style rooms to house their new creation.

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Here’s everything we know about the now-viral Paper Duck trend on TikTok.

Paper Duck TikTok trend

The paper duck is a fictional character created by TikToker ‘paper.duck.care’ right at the end of 2021. First posted on December 22, the creator showed their personally designed duck in which she named: Daisy.

At the time of writing, their debut video has over 294,000 views and tens of thousands of likes.

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The creator has even gone as far as creating masks and various clothes for their character and has opened requests from followers for their next clothing creation.

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How to make TikTok’s viral Paper Duck

As the creator’s videos quickly went viral on the short-form video app, they uploaded a highly requested tutorial video on how to make their specific character.

In the video, they draw a rough sketch of the animal before they outline with a pen and add color in various spots. To finish, it appears they laminate the duck to avoid damage as they interact with it.

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With over 120 million views throughout videos using the #PaperDuck hashtag, it’s clear that viewers love the idea of creating their own duck-like character.

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