John Cena admits he’s looking into Twitch and NFTs

wwe star john cena with twitch logoGage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

16-time WWE world champion John Cena has admitted he’s been learning about Twitch streamers and NFTs, hinting at a jump into the space in the future.

The wrestler turned Hollywood star has just wrapped up filming on the PEACEMAKER series for HBO Max, premiering on January 13.

Many of his fans will be wondering where they can get their next dose of hustle, loyalty, and respect – and interestingly, it might not be a TV series or a new film on the big screen.

In a fresh foray into popular culture, the 44-year-old has admitted that he wants to get a better grip on Twitter, which explains his mass following of accounts on the platform. At the time of writing, his account follows over 365,000 people. While this dwarfs his following of 13.4 million, it’s certainly a lot more than other stars of his profile.

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Looking at other former WWE champs: Dwayne Johnson, for example, only follows 330 people – a lucky few. AEW star CM Punk follows just 357 other users.

John cena in peacemakerHBO
John Cena’s journey outside of wrestling has taken him to Hollywood, among other things.

John Cena says he’s exploring Twitch & NFTs

During an episode of the Pardon My Take podcast, Cena explained why he’s taking such an open approach to social platforms.

After confirming that he’s active on Twitter and Instagram, he said: “It’s tough to follow the timelines because of the amount of people I follow, but I’m trying to learn more about the world.

“I just went into a rabbit hole following EDM dance culture, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and also Twitch streamers because I know nothing about any of these avenues of the world.”

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Comparing these things to WWE, he continued: “There’s fandom to there, and there’s passion to there, and there’s performers and stories.”

Why does John Cena follow so many people on Twitter?

John cena on twitterTwitter: John Cena
John Cena has a massive ‘following’ and ‘followers’ count on Twitter.

The former WWE champ admitted that Twitter’s daily follow limit of 1,000 people per day makes the exercise boring, but remains firm that learning about the social media platforms he uses will allow him to develop an even thicker skin.

“The end product for me is that I get a greater scope of what’s going on, and I can learn stuff about stuff I don’t know about, hopefully, create a community. If you have seen the people I follow on Twitter, hopefully maybe you will have seen some of the messages I sent.”

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Despite years of on-screen success with Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, and the PPV offerings WWE programming puts on for its audience, Cena says he’s still looking to explore philosophical conversations with fans – like the purpose, and meaning of life.

Whether he’s looking to build out that community by engaging with them, using the likes of Twitch or NFTs in the future, remains to be seen.

In fact, John Cena himself remains to be seen. It would be rude to not make that joke, but anyway, watch this space.