TikTokers Vantalord & Chedurena start “beef” after ‘The Council of Men’ secrets revealed

Dylan Horetski
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TikTok: Vantalord/Chedurena

TikTok creators Vantalord and Chedurena have started hilarious “beef” with each other after Che angered ‘The Council of Men’. The secret being a video discussing how men scratch themselves through their pockets.

Alongside the hundreds of different trends and other various creators going viral on TikTok is the current hilarious “beef” between Vantalord and Chedurna after Che’ angered ‘The Council of Men.’

The council was created by Vantalord as a fictional name for males around the world. Their goal is to protect the “secrets” of man, and while it is all done in good fun, it’s started to take over the app.

Its popularity has risen recently after Chedurna posted a video revealing a male secret, which is how men scratch themselves through the pockets in their pants. After Vantalord called him out, the creator went “rogue,” and started drama between the members of the council.

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Vantalord starts “beef” with Chedurna

On January 4, Chedurna stitched a video from a creator that questioned the size of pockets on men’s pants, worried that they might hit themselves in their private area.

In his video, he explained that pockets are designed to prevent that but they also allow you to scratch yourself without anyone else around you seeing it.

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Fans of the creator quickly called him out for telling everyone secrets of the council, as well as tagging Vantalord in hopes of a response. The creator responded a day later, appearing angry in his response.

He said: “A member of the high council, sharing secrets from the playbook. Tsk Tsk. I’m mortified. Grant this man our finest lawyers, and send the judge. He’s invited to the trial. He must plead!”

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Chedurna quickly responded to Vantalord’s comments, claiming that he has always been a “rogue” member of the council, refuses to stand trial, and will continue to leak secrets.

It wasn’t long before Vanta replied, as he ordered the council to send “bounty hunters” to find Che as he was invited to “The TikTok Beef.” Soon after, dozens of viewers started duetting his videos with offers to help find the now-rogue council member.

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Even after Vanta’s last response, Che refuses to stand down as claimed that for every bounty hunter that is sent for him, he will share another secret of the council.

At the time of writing, ‘The TikTok Beef’ is still ongoing as the bounty hunters are being approved one by one. We’ll be sure to update this article if anything major happens between the creators.