What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: Ninja vs xQc, Tati calls out Jeffree & Shane, more

What's Brewing Tati Westbrook Shane Dawson AlinityYouTube / Twitch

After quite possibly one of the most drama-filled weeks in internet history, it doesn’t look like things are slowing down one bit, with even more scandals cropping up in the days that followed. From Ninja, Alinity and xQc getting into a heated Twitter feud, to Tati Westbrook exposing Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, we’ve got all the receipts you need to stay in the loop.

So… What’s Brewing?

Ninja, Alinity & xQc’s Twitter feud goes viral

Ninja, xQc AlinityxQc - Twitter / Jessica Blevins - IG / Alinity - Twitch
Streamers xQc, Ninja, Alinity and more got into a public Twitter beef that involved charity broadcasts.

Who’s involved? This particular beef took place between a number of top streaming stars, but to keep it brief, it all started when former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claimed that some charities pay streamers for charity broadcasts. DrLupo got brought into the debate, and was quick to point out that this was *not* the case whatsoever for him, prompting the wife of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Jessica, to get involved.

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Jessica Blevins xQc Twitter beefJessica Blevins, xQc - Twitter
Jessica Blevins and xQc got into a heated Twitter feud after xQc made accusations that some top streamers receive compensation for charity broadcasts.

What’s the tea? What ensued was quite possibly one of the most popcorn-worthy internet exchanges of all time — until Alinity threw her two cents into the ring, prompting Ninja to dunk on her for tossing a cat over her head on stream.

Ninja Alinity beefNinja, Slasher, Alinity - Twitter
Ninja called out Alinity for previously tossing a cat over her head on stream, leading to an awkward end to the Twitter drama.

Just days later, Ninja apologized to Alinity for his comment after the she broke down in tears on a subsequent broadcast, and vowed to end the cycle of online toxicity in wake of her profuse apologies about the matter.

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Fedmyster kicked out of Offline TV

Fedmyster selfieFedmyster, Instagram
Popular Twitch streamer Fedmyster has been removed from Offline TV following allegations of sexual misconduct from several of its key members.

Fed… who? Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan is a popular Twitch streamer, who was once a driving force behind broadcasting group ‘Offline TV’s’ collective content. The members, which include such stars as Pokimane and LilyPichu, all lived together in a single house to better brainstorm their viral videos and livestreams — but their household harmony was placed in jeopardy in late June.

What’s the tea? Several members of the OTV house, including manager Yvonnie, Pokimane and Lilypichu, came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Fedmyster, with Poki alleging that he had told others he was in a relationship with her — without her knowledge.

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In light of these accusations, Fedmyster was ousted from Offline TV, with the streamer posting a public apology to Twitter and confirming he would be “stepping back” from social media.

Fedmyster Twitter statementFedmyster, Twitter
Popular streamer Fedmyster was removed from Offline TV following allegations of sexual misconduct.

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FaZe Clan addresses FaZe Rain’s concerning posts

FaZe Rain looks at the cameraFaZe Rain, YouTube
YouTube star FaZe Rain drew concern from fans over his worrying social media posts, prompting FaZe Clan to step in with a statement on his wellbeing.

Who’s involved? Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat is a co-founder of the famous FaZe Clan content creation / esports group, as well as a hugely popular YouTuber in his own right. However, the beloved entertainer has concerned fans in the past due to struggles with his mental health, having opened up about the topic in a soul-baring video two years ago.

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Why are FaZe speaking out? FaZe Clan stepped in after Rain prompted worry among his fans, yet again, after making some concerning statements on Instagram Live and seeming to admit to drug use on Twitter.

Having been kicked out of the FaZe house due to his mental health, the org published a statement condemning his purported drug use and claimed they were “working relentlessly to get him professional help.” Fans have shown Rain ample support as the YouTuber works toward a recovery.

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Shane Dawson gets called out by the Smiths

Shane Dawson talkingShane Dawson, YouTube
OG YouTuber Shane Dawson was called out by Jada Pinkett and Jaden Smith after old footage surfaced of the influencer appearing to sexualize an 11-year-old Willow Smith.

Who’s involved? Shane Dawson is one of YouTube’s OG content creators, having begun his career on the site in 2008. However, the hugely popular influencer is now facing backlash on all sides due to his purported involvement in the James Charles scandal from May 2019 — and it’s not just fans who are calling him out.

Wait… THE Smith family are mad at Shane? That’s right; none other than Jada Pinkett and Jaden Smith called out Dawson on Twitter, condemning him for an older video that showed the YouTuber sexualizing a then 11-year-old Willow Smith after the release of her “Whip my Hair” track.

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In wake of a slew of Dawson’s older content coming to light, as well as his alleged involvement in the attempted cancellation of James Charles, the YouTuber has since lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers, with his merch even being pulled from outlets like Target and Morphe.

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Tati Westbrook breaks her silence

Tati Westbrook Breaking My SilenceTati, YouTube
Popular beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook dropped another drama bombshell with her new video, “Breaking my Silence,” where she exposed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for their purported involvement in the 2019 James Charles scandal.

Wait — who’s Tati? Tati Westbrook is a hugely popular beauty guru, who went viral in May 2019 after releasing her “Bye Sister” video exposing James Charles for allegedly using his fame to manipulate the sexuality of straight men, among other claims.

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What’s new? A year later, Tati shook up YouTube’s beauty community in another dramageddon, releasing a video titled “Breaking my Silence” accusing Shane Dawson and makeup mogul Jeffree Star of attempting to ruin James Charles’ career in the first place.

Say what!? Westbrook alleged that the pair had begun the drama as a means to oust Charles from the community ahead of their Conspiracy palette launch later that year, and had “gaslit” her into uploading her “Bye Sister” exposé. With her legal team involved, it looks like things are getting serious — and fans are waiting on Star to respond to the accusations.

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Whew — now that was a lot to take in! What do you think about this week’s drama? Do you believe Tati’s claims concerning Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson? Do you think Ninja went too far in regards to his comment toward Alinity? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending and comment what you think the biggest story of this week was!

Stay tuned to Dexerto for another round of What’s Brewing next week!

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