Fedmyster banned on Twitch after channel taken over by fake Elon Musk crypto scam

Fedmyster Banned headerTwitch: Fedmyster

Former OfflineTV member Fedmyster’s Twitch channel has been banned after being hacked by crypto scam broadcasts.

On April 13, Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ category on the site was taken over by various bot-accounts sporting variations of the name ‘Elon_Musk.’

Those accounts quickly took the top spots in the category with thousands of view bots before Twitch shut them down minutes later, banning the accounts.

Now, Fedmyster’s account has been compromised with similar crypto scam streams, leading to his account being suspended.

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Fedmyster’s Twitch account hacked

With the rising interest in crypto and the growth of web3, ill-intended users have joined the space with various giveaway scams. These are often done by using a high-profile celebrity name, paired with a fake website that grants the scammer access to your wallet.

Scammers have invaded Twitch’s Just Chatting category with botted streams twice — November 2020 and April 2022 — but were met with instant bans from the platform.

Now, they’ve hacked Fedmysters account with two pre-recorded video broadcasts, which led to his account being banned from Twitch just hours later.

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Fedmyster Twitch hacked

According to Twitchtracker, these two hacked broadcasts are some of the first since mid-2021, when Fedmyster attempted to come back to content creation after various allegations of sexual misconduct while a part of OfflineTV.

Since then, he has gone completely dark from social media as well as Twitch and YouTube.

Twitchtracker fedmysterTwitchtracker
Fedmyster attempted to come back to streaming in 2021 but only for a few streams.

Just hours after reports of his account being hacked began to spread, popular Twitter bot Streamerbans reported that his account had been banned from the platform.

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This would be just his first ban, so it’s not likely to be permanent.

At the time of writing, the former Twitch streamer hasn’t commented on his account being hacked.

However, we’ll make sure to update this article if anything changes or his account gets unbanned.

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