Fedmyster banned on Twitch again for allegedly streaming Super Bowl LVII

Instagram: fedmyster

Former OfflineTV member Fedmyster has been banned from Twitch for a second time after allegedly streaming Super Bowl LVII.

This is not Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan’s first ban on Twitch, as just last year his channel was blocked from the platform due to it being taken over during an alleged crypto scam. It was banned for just 8 days and eventually reinstated to Fedmyster. 

But this time, it isn’t due to a compromise, but instead, a DMCA takedown. 

According to viewers tuned into the February 12 stream, Fedmyster was illegally watching the Super Bowl on his broadcast, pretending he was playing Madden 23 with an Xbox controller in hand. However, no clips have yet surfaced to validate these claims.

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According to TwitchTracker, he was streaming on the day and time of the Super Bowl. Mid-way into the stream, he changed the stream title to: Trying new madden game!TWDS#ad

Fedmyster was allegedly banning viewers who were saying they were going to report him for illegally streaming the event. 

The former Twitch streamer has had a controversial past few years outside of his time on Twitch. 

Fedmyster was hit with allegations of sexual misconduct from the female members of OfflineTV, including Yvonnie, Pokimane, and Lilypichu. 

Ever since the allegations, he has gone dark from social media, other than the odd post about a stream he was doing.

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It is unclear if Fedmyster will be unbanned on Twitch again soon, as unlike his first ban, this is punishable with a permanent ban from the platform. And this is not the first instance of someone trying to dupe DMCA bots. 

Back in 2017, a clip of a streamer went viral for him trying to pass off a UFC pay-per-view match as the official UFC video game by pretending he was playing it. With a controller in hand, and commentating over it as if he was controlling the fighters. 

The streamer was never banned. But in Fedmyster’s case, he got caught.

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