What happened to Fedmyster? Twitch streamer goes dark on social media

fedmyster youtubeYouTube: Fedmyster

Twitch fans are wondering where former star streamer and OfflineTV member Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan has gone after he’s been completely dormant on social media.

Fedmyster was once a popular Twitch personality and one of the faces of the streamer collective OfflineTV.

Since his removal from OTV in June 2020 following sexual misconduct allegations, he’s taken a big step back from content creation. Despite a brief return in Summer of 2021, he’s mostly stayed away from streaming and YouTube.

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Now, fans have noticed his online presence is nearly all but gone and wonder if he’ll even make a return.

Fedmyster Twitch Return Address ControversyTwitch: Fedmyster
Fedmyster is a former member of OfflineTV.

Fedmyster goes silent on social media

Despite planning a big comeback for 2022, the 26-year-old streamer hasn’t tweeted since Christmas 2021, or made any content since.

In his final tweet he said, “Hope to see y’all soon,” but has been completely MIA since.

He even scrubbed his Twitch channel of all vlogs, leaving the page completely empty of content.

The once prolific streamer and YouTuber has essentially wiped his footprint from Twitch altogether.

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fedmyster twitch channel empty red

The only post in the last two years on his YouTube channel is a video titled, “Changing my life” which documents his life post-OTV.

Despite his announced return to streaming on Twitch for June 2021, he only streamed once and hasn’t gone live since.

After being one of the most popular IRL streamers on Twitch, it seems that Fedmyster might be gone from content creation entirely.

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