What is the viral ‘I was born a dog’ trend on TikTok?

Georgina Smith
Dogs in a viral TikTok trend

TikTokers are going viral by participating in the “I was born a dog trend,” in which they show off their adorable dogs with a sound that includes the iconic “I just a baby” audio that went viral on the platform.

Adorable animals have always been quick to viral on the internet, and TikTok is no exception to the trend, with videos featuring cute pets garnering an insane number of views and likes on the platform.

Some owners have entire accounts dedicated to their furry friends, and these often end up developing huge followings in their own right.

They’re also often the star of viral trends on the app, and the latest one to go viral sees users showing their pets to a sound that says, “I was born a dog, I identify as a dog, but according to my mom, I just a baby.”

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Some are using the audio to show what their dog looked like when they were a puppy, and then showing how they look now, years later, picking the clips that are bound to melt viewers’ hearts to go at the end of the video.

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The sound itself appears to have originated from user rott_n_chugs, but if you’ve spent a lot of time on TikTok recently, you may recognize the last part of the audio.

The ‘I just a baby’ portion specifically came from user little.blooming.women, and is from a video which was posted earlier in 2022, which now has over 80 million views on the platform.

In the original video a mother could be seen talking to her child, trying to get her to stop doing something, to which the girl replied, “I just a baby.” When the mom tried again, the child angrily repeated “I just a baby.”

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Naturally, TikTok immediately saw the viral potential in this sound, and it spawned several hugely popular trends that dominated the app.

The combination of that trend with rott_n_chugs’ sound is perfect, and dog owners across the app have had the best time showing over their pets to eager viewers.

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